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Comprehensive manufacturing of wire processing products

Wire processing & coating Dept.

Wire processing & coating Dept.

Business introduction

The Company provides integrated processing from iron wire processing to surface dipping.
It engages in manufacturing and sales of fan guards of outdoor units of air conditioners, dishwasher baskets, freezer shelves and other wire coating products. Taking the advantages of mature wire processing technology and quality management system in Japan, it can meet the requirements of air conditioning manufacturers and dishwasher manufacturers in Japan and China.
It also manufactures turnover baskets, cleaning baskets and other appliances used in factories and provides clients with proposals, making factories more efficient.
Its professional process design and die design and manufacturing teams with years of industry accumulation and technical experience can provides customers with practical solutions.

  • Fan guards of outdoor units of air conditioners

  • Dishwasher baskets

  • Freezer shelves

  • Parts cleaning baskets

Leading edge

Technical capability of wire processing
It can process metal wires of complex shapes.
Material Iron and stainless steel wires
Wire diameter φ1.0~φ10.0mm

With years of experience and practical results, the Company works with 3D manufacturers through die manufacturing to deal with complex product structures.

Automatic welding process
Automatic welding process ensures stable quality.

Automatic welding process ensures stable quality and raises productivity.

Processing capability of surface dipping
High-quality surface coating through large-scale automatic flow dipping equipment
Wire diameter of surface dipping PE dipping, PP dipping and nylon dipping
Specifications Maximum size: 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm

The Company provides the best surface treatment based on technology and quality management in Japan. It also provides commission processing.
※ Stainless steel electrolysis, powder spraying, fluorine coating, electrophoresis, electroplating, etc

Proposal strength of design team
It can meet clients’ requirements with our previous experience and CAD design proposal strength.

The design team and technical team can satisfy clients with whatever they want and deal with complex structures and special surface coating.


All projects are done in the Company, including raw materials and products.

Equipment introduction

High-speed straight cutter 11units
Automatic 3D bender 3units
Press (5 tons to 200 tons) 25units
Spot welding (15 KVA to 250 KVA) 60units
Automatic welding machine 11units
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 1unit
Large-scale automatic flow dipping equipment 2units
Image automatic inspection machine 1unit
Salt spray tester 1unit
  • Automatic spot welding machine (multiple welding spots)

    Automatic spot welding machine (multiple welding spots)

  • Automatic spot welding machine (large width)

    Automatic spot welding machine (large width)

  • 3D bender

    3D bender

  • Ultrasonic cleaning production line before coating

    Ultrasonic cleaning production line before coating

  • Large-scale flow dipping production line

    Large-scale flow dipping production line

  • Image automatic inspection machine

    Image automatic inspection machine

Contact information of Wire Processing Department

Tel (+86)0760-2361-8559
Fax (+86)0760-2361-8651

Wire processing & coating Dept.

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